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Coastal Areas and Perceived Conflict with Salmon Aquaculture
On Tuesday, April 22, at 15:00, Chelsea Boaler will present her master's thesis in Coastal and Marine Management, titled: Caged contention: The nature and extent of perceived conflict with salmon aquaculture along the Eastern Shore of Nova Scotia. Her thesis advisor are Dr Peter Tyedmers and Albertína F. Elíasdóttir, and the external reader is Rodr......

Conferences and lectures

The University Centre sponsors conferences and lectures of all sizes and types. These range from large international conferences on cultural, natural or scientific matters to smaller, informal talks about almost any subject imaginable.

A regular attraction at the University Centre is Vísindaport, a series of informal lunchtime discussions on Fridays, whose name translates roughly as Gateway to Science. Vísindaport is a forum for brief presentations on research, whether completed or in progress, and on other subjects of interest.

Master's students are presenting their theses and teachers as well as guest researchers give regularly talks on their specialisations. 

Our community

"The contents of our studies work great with the location! Smart, ad-venturous and like minded people come here from around the world. I love that the program is cross disciplinary and that we have a lot of one-to-one time with our instructors when they are here. I am more committed to UW than to my home university."
Ryan O´Connell, Canada, CMM student 2010-2011


SNAPS final conference, Ísafjörður Feb 12
SNAPS stands for Snow, Ice and Avalanche Applications and is a collaboration between insitutions in Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland. The project was carried out with funding fr......