Um Háskólasetur




  • Bjarnason, Thoroddur - (pdf - 3.86 MB)
    Planning for decline? The restructuring of Icelandic fishing communities
  • Colini, Laura - (pdf - 1.07 MB)
    Beyond the Peripheyr. Practicing Collaborative Territorial Development
  • Danson, Mike and de Souza, Peter - (pdf - 488.1 KB)
    Peripheral and marginal regional studies: a prolegomena 
  • Ekman, Ann-Kristin - (pdf - 1.22 MB)
    Beyond the village: Exploring the Importance of Social Networks for Rural Development
  • Eliasdottir, Albertina Fr.: - (pdf - 1.48 MB)
    "Ísafjörđur owns me and I own Ísafjörđur" - Place attachment and place identity in relation to choosing where to live
  • Hermannsson, Kristinn - (pdf - 508.19 KB)
    The feasibility and potential of seaweed as a source of bioenergy in a peripheral economy: The case of the Scottish Western Isles
  • Lecca, Patrizio - (pdf - 853.54 KB)
    Modelling the impact of a macro-algae sector on the Western Isles: A Computable General Equilibrium (CGE) approach
  • Macdonald, Allyson - (pdf - 1.17 MB)
    Zone of sustainability: dream or danger?
  • Macdonald, Allyson - (pdf - 497.02 KB)
    Pre-talk on South Africa
  • Magnusson, Gylfi - (pdf - 889.16 KB)
    Internal migration and population development in Iceland
  • McIntyre, Stuart - (pdf - 2.88 MB)
    Personal indebtedness, spatial effects and crime: a comparison across the urban hierarchy
  • Munday, Max - (pdf - 911.87 KB)
    Wind energy: Might community benefit provisions grow community ownership of renewable energy resources in the Celtic periphery?
  • Pinna, Anna Maria - (pdf - 1.34 MB)
    Country Measures of Geography linked to Insularity
  • Rauhut, Daniel - (pdf - 1.2 MB)
    Services of General Interest and Regional Development in the ESPON Space
  • Semian, Michal - (pdf - 5.04 MB)
    The barrier of administrative borders to cooperation in inner peripheral areas, North-Western Bohemia
  • Sommer, Hanna - (pdf - 1.31 MB)
    The recent making of peripheries in German medium-sized cities
  • Stelder, Dirk - (pdf - 16.16 MB)
    European Peripheries: Accessibility Developments 1960-2010
  • Svensson, Lotta - (pdf - 908.36 KB)
    Young people eager to develop the rural areas - how do they arise?
  • Swales, Kim - (pdf - 560.27 KB)
    The economic impact of bioenergy production in a multi-settlement island economy: A combined Input-Output and microsimulation approach
  • Vallström, Maria - (pdf - 983.64 KB)
    Living in the ruins?


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