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Cultural Tourism and Identity in the Westfjords of Iceland

Valdimar Halldórsson, in Social Anthropology, Director of Hrafnseyri Museum.
Valdimar Halldórsson, in Social Anthropology, Director of Hrafnseyri Museum.
Summer School in Cultural Tourism and Identity in Hrafnseyri. 08.06.-12.06. 2010


Different kinds of people may desire different modes of tourism experiences. With ever-increasing complexities in contemporary society, the quest for multiple, new, alternative and individualistic experiences among tourists are requested. With its cultural sites, events and experiences, cultural tourism is an umbrella term for a range of tourism typologies and diverse activities which have a cultural focus.


Hrafnseyri, a distinguished place in the history of the country and an old farm situated on the shores of the magnificent Arnarfjörður in the Westfjords of Iceland, is such a cultural site. It is the birthplace of Jón Sigurðsson (1811-1879), the principal hero of Iceland´s struggle for independence in the 19th century, and houses The Museum of Jón Sigurðsson. You will not find a better place to study cultural tourism and identity formations in Iceland. The beautiful scenery of Arnarfjörður, with its spectacular mountains, the colony of Common Eider and the Arctic tern as well as the deep blue sea, where you may come across a seal or even a whale, makes a perfect and picturesque environment in which to study.


Other cultural tourism and leisure activities in the coastal neighbourhood of Hrafnseyri, fostering visitor interactions with local population and connects him/her with nature will also play a role in the summer school. Experience the tranquillity of the Westfjords while exploring and discussing several examples of small scale Westfjords tourism.


Valdimar J. Halldórsson, director of Hrafnseyri Museum

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"Iceland is a place where the four elements seem to be engaged in a constant battle for dominance over the lives of its inhabitants. This provides an exciting, if sometimes demanding, backdrop to the CMM programme. It's hard to imagine an environment better suited to preparing students for the challenges of a career in natural resource management."

Alan Deverell, Great Britain, CMM student 2009-2010


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